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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  September 18, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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5:00 o'clock this morning, local police making their way to up scranton pennsylvania as the trooper gunned down in a ambush is laid to rest watch we've learned about the man accused in that attack. >> also, learning more about this. people now starting to turn themselves in for the brutal beating after gay couple on the streets of philadelphia and center city. one of the accused just lost his job.
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>> also, happening now, the polls are open in scotland. will they stay or will they leave? the union with england? and if they leave, will they have to change the union's flag? >> , no i didn't take your monday. >> i yes you did, you left the store, then i saw you. >> did you ever get swindled by your kids for cash? one girl says it is the other way around. coming up in the trend. she is cute. good day everybody bees it is thursday, september 18th, 2014. good morning. >> good morning, 5:01 is the time. let's do weather on the one's with sue serio. >> just another ten, just another usual ten. yes, weather by the numbers, the same number we had yesterday. basically, if you enjoyed yesterday, and most of us did, you'll like today's weather, as well, sunny skies, cool, comfortable temperatures, no clouds to speak of. few clouds smoke up on our satellite and radar picture,
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little rain to the north of lake ontario, then zip through the area pretty quickly, just take our temperatures down about 5 degrees tomorrow. from what we'll have today. 58 degrees right now, 5-mile per hour winds, sunrise happens at 6:45, this morning, as we look at some other temperatures, in the outlying areas, 41 degrees in mount pocono, 47 in bethlehem, 46 degrees in allentown, 46 in warminster, there is your 58 in philadelphia. a lot chillier in chester, delaware county, 49 degrees. we have 51 bridgeton, 55 in cape may. so, if you are up this early, and ready to go out the door, all you'll need is a sweater or jacket. very similar to wonderful wednesday, we call it terrific thursday, 75 degrees, was our official high yesterday, i think we were right on the monday which. that will so we think maybe agree warmer today, 76 degrees, sun, clouds, comfortable temperatures, that is your weather authority forecast. it is time for traffic. getting into some more traffic
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situations that involve construction, the pennsylvania turnpike, northeast extension, southbound, approaching quakertown, construction has the right lane blocked there. on the northbound side of 295, approaching route 168, there is cents construction that has the left lane block until about 6:00. chris? >> sue serio, thank you. breaking news right now out of philadelphia's mayfair section, 24 year old man is in critical condition after being shot while riding his bike. this happened on the 3,000 block of barnett street around 11:00 last night. police say the victim was shot in the face and leg, no word yet on suspect or motive. 5:03. pennsylvania trooper gunned down in a ambush, will be laid to rest today. dorp role ryan dicks sean shot and killed outside of state police barracks in pike county. a funeral service will be held this morning in scranton, hundreds of mourners are expected to attends including troopers from the philadelphia belle month barracks, who will leave in a caravan in about an hour. we're hearing around 6:00. we'll have live report from
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scranton, beginning at 7:00. meanwhile, the manhunt continues for this man there is is her i can frein. this is the gunman police say killed dixon, and critically injured that other trooper. several people have turned themselves in to police to be interviewed about that attack on gay couple in center sit. >> i meanwhile, somebody involved in that case has lost their job at a cat link high school. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney live at central detectives, looking into the latest developments, for us, dawn, good morning. >> good morning, chris, carry. the archdioces of philadelphia tells fox 291 of the men identified in the video of the group who violently attacked a gay couple last thursday was assistant basketball coach at barch bishop wood. not teacher, contracted employee, had subsequently been fired. according to philadelphia archdioces. now, several potential suspect started showing up at central detectives to give statements, this man, right here, accompanied by his attorney, lasts night, one of the group of 20 something's that police
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are looking for in the beating of two gay men, from center city. now the victims telling us they were jumped and beaten by the group near 16th and chancellor, last thursday night, one of the victims has a broken jaw that is wired shut. spent four nights in the hospital. this couple says they were definitely targeted, simply because they were gay. >> says, as we cross 16th, what is that, your f boyfriends? i looked, yes, it is my f boyfriends. he goes oh, so you're a dirty (beep). i go ya, maybe i am a dirty (beep) then he hit me in the face. >> hours after police release surveillance video of the violent gay bashing social media just exploded when all kind of tips that helped police track down those seen in the individual joe. many people really just outraged over. >> this so far there are no arrests or charges that have been announced. those involved, however, could face assault charges. surprisingly, this is not
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considered a hate crime in pennsylvania. that's because sexual orientation is not included in the state's hate crime statute. pennsylvania is the only state in the northeast where it is not. now, a bill to include sexual orientation in the state's hate crime law has been on the tables in harrisburg for several years now, chris, kerrey, but so far this is not considered a hate crime. state lawmakers from our area says he is working to change that, as early as today. again, though, no charges have been filed, as of yet, in connection with that horrific beating last thursday. >> okay, we'll see what transpires yet again today. in this developing story, dawn, thank you. meantime parents of new jersey teenager killed in suspected act of terrorism now speaking out. >> brandon shot eight times white sitting in his car, cops first called the crime a random robbery. suspected killer, brown, later told police that he killed testify lynn as retribution
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for us involvement in the middle east. in a exclusive interview with on the record, brandon's parents talked about the night their son was killed. >> i don't, you know, in my opinion, he is a murderer, and in this case, i don't think he acted alone, and whether down the road the law enforcement comes to the conclusion that he is involved with something bigger, or whether he's self self proclaiming this for some other reason, i think the truth will come out. >> police say brown is also suspect in the several other killings from new jersey to washington state. in university city, a eight year old girl has died after falling nine stories out of her apartment window. it happened early yesterday morning on the 4200 block of locust. we first brought this to you as breaking news, on good day philadelphia. police have not released the girl's identity. but they say she lived in the apartment can her father and her 11 jerold sister. investigators say, they were
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both asleep when she fell out of the window. police tell us the father raised down to the courtyard where he found his daughter. >> his father was very distraut, young father, caring for two kids. the 11 year old extremely distraut for. >> this so we will give them time to spends with a family, want to give them the time. >> medics rushed the girl to the hospital where she died. police are still investigating, but they say this appears simply to be a tragic accident. happening now, in scotland, a vote foreign dependence is now underway. as you take a look at all of these yes signs, the vote is either yes or no, deciding whether to break away from england and become an independent state. polls show that voters are evenly divided on this, turn out is expected to be huge. as many as 90% of the people there are expected to vote, with more than 4 million people registered to vote. that's 97% of those available to vote are eligible, we should say, and the young
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people here get the vote, as early as the age of 15 or 16. now, scotland does decide to separate from the uk, the future of the union is in question. because the union jack the flagg is a combination of three different flags, first, the english st. george's cross, that is the red cross you see, right here, in the middle of the union jack. so, how about the scottish that's combined with the cross of saint andrew, the patron saint of scotland. so, that's where the union jack gets the white diagonal cross and the blue background, finally red and white diagonal crosses is for st. patrick, to represent northern ireland, so, if scotland leaves the uk, government officials say they'll have to remove the blue from the union jacket, replace it with something representing whales. remember, four countries involved in this. one suggestion has been to use the black and yellow cross of their patron saint, saint david. but despite all of this, the prime minister's office says it is it has not made plans for the youth your of the union jack. >> 5:09. president obama once again
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insisting us troops will not put their boots on the gown for a a combat mission against isis terrorists in iraq. military leaders briefing the president at central commands in florida, he then told the troops at the air force base, he will not sends into another gown war. instead, simply train forces in the reasonable ton to defend themselves while america continues launching air strikes. this comes after the president's top military advisor told lawmakers that he could see a scenario where a return of us combat forces cents into iraq could be necessary. meanwhile, iran's president says isis is a global threat, speaking with nbc news critical of the united states, approach to dealing with the group. >> how come they are doing only strikes, are americans afraid of giving on the ground in iraq, are they afraid of, you know, soldiers being killed, and in the fight they claim he is against terrorism,
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if they want to use -- >> president speaking, there iran was in the part of the international conference in par thinks week, where leaders met to discuss the strategy for defeating isis. 5:11 right now. time for weather and traffic on the one's with sue, another nice day. >> it really is. you may see a few extra clouds this afternoon, really not a big deal, we expect to get to 76 degrees on this tremendous thursday. sunset time is now 7:00 # five. as those days start to get shorter and shorter, and noticeably shorter than they were in the middle of the summertime, this is the last thursday of summer, of course, the season changes monday. that's your weather authority forecast. let's get to the roads and see what's happening in buena vista, route 54, at weymouth road. accident in which the car ran off the road, and into the woods, caught fire, and we've a victim being transported to the hospital. so that road is closed. and that is route 54, at
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weymouth road, your alternate there is friendship road. >> chris? >> sue serio, thank you. do you skip over the words god in the pledge of allegiance? should it be excluded from oats, as well? why the air force says they'll in longer require so help me god in their enlistment oath.
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five members of the camden county police department will be honed order by the freeholder board tonight. back in april, the officers were on patrol, and were shot several times by suspect near the corner of seventh and sick more streets. officers returned fire, and chased that suspect, who was struck in the leg, he was cents arrested and charged with attempted murder, and several weapons offenses. >> today is fraternal order of police, handing out school supplies to the philadelphia school district, those supplies were collected during the summer donation drive, the group will distribute the supplies to teachers, and at the hancock elementary school. >> robitaille forward will have to undergo aggressive chemo therapy to treat rare cancer. ford hospitalized since last week, since he announced that he had a tumor in his abdomen. he'll begin chemo within the next two days. doctors say the cancer is spreading very rare, very aggressively, now have found a nodule near his left hip, as
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well. he made international headlines last year after saying he used crack cocaine in a drunken stooper. he returned to work in june after going to rehab for drugs and alcohol. he was withdrew his re-election bid on friday. in australia, a planned terror attack is busted, raids initiate in the that country today, following a report that terrorists were targeting them, 15 people were arrested during raids in sidney. intelligence officials say the islamic state movement was calling on is trail yan supporters to kill, than that plan involved public beheading. a man and woman led police on high speed chase in california last night, take a look at this, police pursuing the van, white one there, report of stolen vehicle, even though the suspect's car was struck several times by police it, just kept spinning out, and kept going. the driver weaved through traffic, drove on sidewalks, narrowly missed, the chase lasted 30 minutes until police were able to catch the pair.
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only in los angeles do you see scenes like this repeatedly. air force will no longer require the phrase so help me god in the enlistment oath. >> announced yesterday. change came after at thee he is airman raised concerns about it, the policy change is effective immediately. meanwhile, other military services have allowed for alternate language for years. >> the largest bounty hunt in history is now underway. donors have given detective company $30 million to find out who shot down malaysian airlines flight mh. it was shot out of the air over russian rebel territory, crash killed all 298 people on board. and, travelers be aware, different story here, the latest social media trends involves, yes, airplanes. >> it does indeed, especially rude and offensive behaviors on board. it has got a name. it is called passenger shaming. some images, these are gross, show people with their bear feet up in the air, kind of
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hanging over, you know, that tray where you eat right into your own personal space. >> look at that. >> you know, and the seats are dirty. why would you lay on them like that, and this one has a rearend hanging out. >> what's worse, the rearend or the hairy man boobs? >> well, they're all pretty, pretty foul. >> here are the pictures of people shaming those folks. >> i would definitely call the flight attendant and it is not very sanitary. >> well, that's putting mildly. >> what happened to his shirt? >> i don't know, always cold up there anyway. >> put a blanket over your bear body. >> you're not allowed to do. that will people posting photos on line say of course they're doing it and in hopes of stopping offenders and they're trying to make traveling a little more pleasant. >> ugh. that's sickening. >> he needs a pedicure, too. all right, a gloucester county fire department is feeling the heat, firefighters could be suspended over banner
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flown at the state's fireman's convention in wildwood. so take a look, banner from the williamstown fire company, number one, is all over social media. but it is not so vulgar, it is actually, i should say. sign asked woman to show their breast z. so someone thought up the banner created the banner and someone actually hung the banner. the banner flew for everyone to see at the annual convention, fox 29 caught up with the town's mayor who promises this is will never happen again. >> i'm embarrased but i have no control over it, first of all, you know that. we will take care of the problem. >> so the president fire chief of the williamstown fire company released a statement apologizing for the banner. he said poor judgement was used by some members that far department. >> i don't understand how that gets through? >> someone thought of t oh, and someone created it. and then someone hung it up. >> probably had some help hanging it up. i don't know. anyway, 5:19.
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turning to your health headlines this morning, a report on healthcare system shows that americans suffer needless discomfort and un go unwanted and costly care. as they near death. the report blames a fee for care medical systems, to operate for the aggressive treatments. also blame lack every communication saying a lot of folks don't have conversations about end of life care. experts say that healthcare wishes need to be documented. >> a study from the university of minnesota reveals women with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder are more than twice as likely to have a food addiction compared to women without that disorder. while the results don't show the ptsc causes food addiction it, does help explain the linc between mental health and obesity. researchers say some people use food as is a coping mechanism, to deal with stress. although it is interesting, we reported just couple of days ago that food doesn't necessarily change our moods. remember that? no such thing. >> you know what changes my
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mood? >> what? >> pizza. and it makes me smile. >> with a lot of cheese? >> oh, yes. >> super greasy? >> not greasy. >> oh, i like the degrees. >> oh, all right. well, also, segway, stud advice shown, sunshine, changes your mood. >> yeah. >> you know, that lack of sunshine gives that you seasonal effective disorder in the wintertime. well, we are getting closer to winter, autumn, starting, monday at 10:29 p.m. that's the autumnal equinox. just about to experience the last weekend of summer, let's see what it looks like. it looks great. we have the big irish festival in north wildwood this weekend, and i know a lot of are you concerned about that, but don't be concerned it will be great weather both saturday and sunday, and here in town, if you go to the eagles game, temple game it, looks fabulous. today's high of 76 degrees, little cooler tomorrow, looking good with your weather. now we check traffic on your thursday morning. and we start off in the buena
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vista, that's in new jersey, route 54, at weymouth road. unfortunately, there was an accident there. the car ran off the road and into the woods, so, while they are figuring that all out, the road is closed, and your alternate to weymouth road is friendship road this morning. kerry? >> sue, thank you. 5:22. >> that's wishful thinking. >> another half hour. do your kids hit you up for cash all the time? might be the other way around for this little to the. coming up in the trends.
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>> dow joes up 25 points, the s&p 500 index rose two points to finally land above the 2,000 mark. the nasdaq gained nine points, to ends at 4500. you know, amazon just launched its lowest price tablet yet. it is a $99 kindle fire hd. it has got 6-inch screen, and front and rear facing cameras. amazon says it is the first tablet to use dole bye's new dole bye at most audio. i don't know what that is, but it sound impressive. supposed to create surround sound experience, when you
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plug in your headphones. >> isn't that what they do anyway? >> what, headphones? >> yes, i mean, has cents got the sterio thing, what's the surround sound? anyway, whatever. >> i don't know. >> sound like a bunch of marketing hogwash. >> get stuff any humphrey on. that will apple ceo tim cook reassuring customers their personal information is safe. this is serious stuff here. apple's website yesterday detailing the company approach to privacy. cook's letter part of the roll out with the new mobile operating systemment apple also says its phones, now in crypt content stored on them, so it is not possible to respond to government warrants to unlock devices, new study fine more billionaires went to the university of pennsylvania for their undergraduate degrees, than any other college in the world. not just the us. >> oxford, the whole shaban, wealth x, part of international banking firm, ubs, crunched all of the numbers, 25 current billionaires received their bachelors degrees at penn, harvard has 22 undergrad alum
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billionaires, yale's got 20, call next 16, princeton tide for fifth place with colonel and stanford at 14. if you are using artificial sweeteners to lose weight, you might actually be doing the opposite. researchers think they may raise the risk of obesity in diabetes, in tests done on mice, artificial sweeteners more difficult to process and glucose intolerance can lead to diabetes. >> 5:27. more troubles for the nfl. yet another player is benched watch cardinals running back, jonathan dwyer, is accus
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>> the case this morning, for him and so many mower, going to up scranton where a cop killer is still on the loose. >> tense and sad at the same time, we'll check in with you in just a moment. first, stealing ipads from teachers and students. local school district one step closer to getting justice. >> depression, readjustment, i just thought that i was just going through something. >> a homeless veteran and his beloved dog separated to get the help that they needed. now, they've reunited and it feels so good. how the two got back together after all these years. >> ♪ reunited and it feels so good ♪ good day everyone,
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it is thursday. >> oh, boy. >> national cheeseburger day, sue. >> it is, i don't know how we've gone this long, this morning, we started at 4:00 a.m., without realizing it was national cheeseburger day. so what do you think our pal bus stop buddly have for lunch? yes, i think so. that is day to celebrate the cheeseburger, if you have one every once in a while. you know? temperatures are in the 40's, 50's, it is a chilly start this morning, so once again, buddy wearing his sweatshirt. eagles cap, too, game is on sunday, we'll have the forecast for you coming up. it is cents a ten out of ten today. again with the sunny skies, again with the pleasant temperatures, 58 degrees, right now, with 5-mile per hour wind, 6:45 is your sunrise time. yesterday we got to 75 degrees, as advertised, it was cents a wonderful wednesday, and i think we have tremendous thursday in store with 76 comfortable temperatures, mix of sun and clouds, how long can this go on? well, we will have the seven day forecast coming up in just a few changes coming up there.
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all right, we go back to this, accident, that happened in buena vista, south jersey, route 54, weymouth road. car ran off the road and into the woods, and then caught fire. so there is a lot going on there. and the road is closed. your alternate friendship road. now, we go to the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension, northbound, just past lansdale, construction has the left lane blocked there, kerry? >> sue, thank you. 5:32 this morning, we are continuing to follow breaking news out of the city mayfair section this morning, a 24 year old man, in critical condition, after being shot while riding his bike, it happened on the 3,000 block of arnet street at about 11:00 last night. police say the victim was shot in the face and leg, no word yet on suspect, or motive. today, pennsylvania trooper killed in an ambush will be laid to rest about a week after police say he was gunned down by an anti-government survivalist. troopers from the philadelphia belle month barracks will be leaving in a caravan in about a half hour to attend the service. fox 29's steve keeley live at
5:33 am
that barracks, this morning, steve? >> yes, the first officers and two vans left here about 15 minutes ago, and others will be joining soon after. but they started arriving here at 5:00 o'clock, it is a long drive, and some need to go up there, because they're needed not just to attends a funeral but to be on the look-out at a funeral. that's a first for so many of these guys. all related by that oath to take, you know, wear to protect the public. so they feel like one big family in times like this. but now, they need protection themselves from the man who hid in the dark woods friday night in the pocono mountains of pike county, two and a half nows north of here, where trooper brian dicks son had just transferred in june from the barracks here in fill husband and father of two little kids, he was the supervisor for the overnight shift here in philly, that patrolled the expressway through the city before headed up to pike county in the summer, a slower pace, but as everyone just learned, far from the city did not put him far from danger, caught in the
5:34 am
cross hairs of 31 year older i can frein sniper scope. hundreds of police officers hunt for frein for day seven, while thousands at trapper dixon's funeral now wonder if frame will be looking to make a second sneak attack on them today. >> i would like to directly address eric frein again, in the event you are listening to this broadcast on radio, on portable radio, while could you nerving some cool damp hiding place, i want you to know one thing. eric, we are many coming for you. it is only a matter of time until we bring you to justice for committing this cowardly act. >> any family member or friend of mr. frin who is found to help him while we are searching for him will be vigorously prosecuted. >> well, it was just july 13th, that a man on a mission to inch tenly kill a police officer waited in the parking lot of that open all night walgreens for four minutes after attacking staff
5:35 am
inside a jersey city, knowing they've called 911, and he just waited to shoot and kiln tently a jersey city police officer who showed up to respond to that call. now, just two months later, and not too far from jersey city, a second ambush to intentionally kill police officers. and again, not to avoid getting caught for any crime, just because brave men who wear that badge that uniform and take that oath to protect the public has now made them targets, two times, in two months. unreal. >> so scary, steve. thank you. we continue to update folks on that story as the morning progresses, obviously, still developing as they make their way to up scranton. 5:35, police say they've made an arrest in the theft of 12 ipads, from the willingboro school district in burlington county. the suspect is mitchell, crisis intervention counselor with the district. the 12 missing ipads haven't been recovered. police say also no connection between this case and the unsolved theft of one ooh ipads from the same school
5:36 am
last year. the total value of the stolen electronics is nearly $70,000. banana, robber, and convenience store, yes, philadelphia police say a man thought he had been pretty clever when he robbed an east park side grocery store, they say, he walked into the store in the 3800 block of poplar street, surveillance video shows him waiting in line, grabbing a banana, then sticking it in his sweatshirt. so, it look like he had a gun, and that's when he demanded money and yes, i will ' take some cigarettes, too, marlboro owe, from the clerk. escaped with the cash and figures and the banana before cops got to the scene. >> new video could be the key to helping find amusing student watch police believe happened to her. >> one little girl said dad took her money. well, he disagrees. here the adorable argument coming up in the trend.
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>> join us september 26th, again, right outside the studio, we'll have music, food, and men and women, obviously, who serve in the military, come and show your support. >> major road on the big island of hawaii, now threatened by lava. >> geologists are using radar guns, to measure the speed of
5:40 am
the lava flowing from hawaii volcano, 13 days away from reaching highway that's a life line for about 8500 people on the big island. workers are preparing unpaved roads to be used as alternate routes in case lava crosses the highway. >> sue, the worse vacation i ever took was to hawaii. >> really? >> we were trying to escape the rain in california, that had come through. so we went to hawaii with a one year old. >> okay? >> and it rained all eight days we were there. we had four hours of sunshine, my wife said i'm never going to hawaii again. >> bad memory you should have consult add meteorologist. >> oh, darn, i didn't know you then. >> right. next time. all right, so, we're kind of inbetween cold fronts here. we had one come through tuesday morning, then here is another one, but you will hardly even notice this one. high pressure will build in behind it. what it will do, keep us cool, and comfortable, over the next
5:41 am
day or so. and then we warm up little bit over the weaken, but nothing going on right now, on ultimate doppler, just few clouds here and there, but temperatures, as we go throughout the region, 41 degrees in mount pocono, 47 in bethlehem. 46 degrees in allentown. heading down south, we got only 47 in doylestown, but 53 in bensalem. 58 degrees here, in the city right now, 49 degrees in millville, and 54 in cape may. we call this casino of light jacket or sweater weather as we start to transition into another season. so, over the past days, we've got to 75 degrees yesterday. so we're kind of doing this mid 70s thing for our temperatures, but by the weekend, we will be back into the 80s. 80 degrees for kick off of the eagles game, on sunday, eagles in washington play starting at 1:00 o'clock, and we'll probably get to high of about 82, 83 degrees, during the game, wear your sunscreen. 76 degrees today. seventy tomorrow.
5:42 am
yes, it is cooler tomorrow, but still a ten. and 78 on saturday, at the linc, temple plays delaware state, and that should and great game, great weather, as well. rain in the morning, on monday, that's the only rain we have in our seven day forecast. so, it is cents time to check traffic. at least it is easy to remember, right? start off back down there in south jersey, big problem there, in buena vista, this is route 54, right there at weymouth road. there was accident where a car ran off into the woods, caught fire, so the road is closed there, and your alternate is friendship road early this morning. chris? >> sue, time now 5:42, a vet separate from the his four electric best friend. but it was for their own good. the reunion you won't forget.
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quashed err to 6:00 this morning, phillies picking up a win in san diego. >> cole hamels has done so well this year. struck out nine padres over seven innings of work for the phillies in their five to two win. cole's now nine and seven on the season. he could easily be a 20 game winner if it started the season on time. and if he had gotten any run production, if fact, that was the 21st straight start where he was charged with three runs or fewer in a game. all right, here's howard with more sports. >> this is fox 29's sports in one minute. good morning, i'm howard eskin. big game sunday for the eagles, they take that two and
5:46 am
zero records in their game against the redskins, and it is big for the fans, and a player on the redskins, desean jackson has been looking forward to this game. since his release by the eagles. suffered a shoulder injury last sunday, but said yesterday, he'll play on sunday, and ready for whatever the fans bring on. >> i feel like i put on the line for them, i played there, i've done, you know, what i've done to help that organization win games. so, you know, as far as, you know, congratulating me, boo me, whatever the case may be, like, you know, i'm ready for whatever it is. jonathan papelbon was suspended seven games, for his leud gesture, to the phillies fans on sunday. and the umpire, joe west, you see right here, suspended for one game. he was suspended because when papelbon was yelling everything under the sun, west yanked on the jersey, that got him one game suspension without pay. that's sports in a minute. and i'm howard eskin. all right, it is 5:46 this
5:47 am
morning. another nfl player has been benched because after domestic violence case. the arizona cardinals have deactivated jonathan dwyer after arrested yesterday. unidentified woman reported two altercations at his home back in july, the cardinals say that they just became aware of the incident yesterday. and they are cooperating with police. this case comes after the vikings deactivated add re end peterson for child abuse charge, before that the ffl suspended ray rice after video surfaced of him punching his fiancee, also, this morning, the carolina panthers announced removing defensive end gregg hardy from their active rosters, stemming from domestic violence case. jury convicted him of threatening assaulting his exgirlfriends nicole. he is appealing that. >> newly-released surround ville yo, hoping to provide clues into the disappearance of missing university of virginia student, hanna gram. >> the 18 year old last seen late friday night after having
5:48 am
dinner with friends, around 1:30 the following morning, police say, that she sent a text to friends, saying that she was lost. surveillance video captured gram in several different areas, although it is not clear if she was in any trouble at this point. also, kate middleton consulting with doctors, as she battles severe morning sickness. the dutchess of cambridge is about eight weeks pregnant, she is scheduled to represent the queen this weekend, on royal trip to malt a but because of her condition, she will likely have to cancel. this is kate's second pregnancy. >> then when kate, kids grow up, they get precocious, they start talking with a. that leads us to the trend. three year old girl turns the tables on her dad after he tries to find out how much money her mother had spent shopping at the toy store. oh, little did dad know, he was the one who had some explaining to do. >> how much money do you have? >> you take my money. >> i didn't take your money.
5:49 am
>> yes, going to work, take my money, you take it to your work. >> i didn't do that. >> yes, did you. >> how much? >> you spend $20 of my money. so why lie you take my money. >> i never took your money. >> you did take my money. i want my money back. >> oh, where do they come one this stuff. show she is getting it from somewhere. is she watching it. v, or listening to the parents talk back and forth? one part of the video the little girl tells her parents they are something else. >> you're something else. and blames them for spending all her money on food, play dough, and -- >> i think the money frozen? frozen, everything is frozen these days. >> brand new fox 29 weekend debuts this saturday, oh, we have to declare saturday selfie saturday, that's right, we want to see your best
5:50 am
selfies. just tweet them, use the hashtag fox 29 weekend. we will show them on tv. well, at least the ones appropriate. >> indeed. 5:50. local vet and and his dog reunited after spending six months apart while on the road to recovery. last winter 54 year old anthony weatherly and his dog sheeba were homeless. the veterans affairs homeless outreach program was trying to find anthony a shelter, but he couldn't find one that allowed dogs. he wouldn't budget without knowing sheeba had someplace to go. and that's when the stoney creek veterinary hospital agreed take sheeba in. with sheeba in good hands, anthony was finally able to get the help he needed. >> six months to get her home. >> how does it feel to have your own place? >> fantastic, i mean, it is like everything came together more than i could ever imagine. it is like a dream come true. >> oh, so happy to see them together. anthony and sheeba, as you
5:51 am
just saw, moved into new home. he is now receiving his va benefits. he's got a job, as well. so he plans to pay it forward by volunteering at his church and helping other veterans, too. they didn't forget each other after six long months. i know, sweet. >> oh, no it, can't be weather time? now crying. great store. >> i later in this fox fursday. >> we will be featuring a rescue from new jersey, and a special event that they have coming up this weekend. so, i think you'll like it. it is definitely, you have heard after bar crawl? this is a bark crawl. you are going to love it. today, cool start, and another lovely day, here we go again, bore he had yet? i'm not. sunshine, cooler today, with weak colds front coming through, no big deal. weekend does see warming trends. by sunday we'll be back to the 80s. that's a look at your weather forecast. as we head on into the last weekend of summer, but here's
5:52 am
that problem we've been telling but in buena. down there, south jersey, 54 at weymouth road. route 54, that is. there is an accident, which car ran off the road. and line of vehicles on the scene, and officials on the scene trying to clean up that situation, so your alternate there is friendship road. kerry? >> sue, thank you. 5:52. another customer paying it forward, this time at chick-fil-a. what he told one of the workers about why he chose to do this.
5:53 am
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i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy. good morning, a generous customer picks up the tab, for dozen of people, in a fast-food restaurant in texas. >> yes, at a chick-fil-a. man only known as john handed employees at the chick-fil-a in palestine, texas, 1,000 bucks, and said he wanted to pay for everybody's meal as long as the cash lasted. he told employees, he simply wanted to make their day better. >> like did you win the lottery today? why are you doing this? he said well mondays are tough. i just want to make everyone have a good day, i just want to help them have a good day. >> so the cash was enough to pay for 88 other orders. >> that's so cool.
5:56 am
fox's, not usually known for their warmth and, you know, cute cudley-- >> oh, they're cute. >> so this is a little baby fox, a kit, as it were. they get a bad rap. this video gone viral, he is stuck in a tin can. nobody would save help. nobody would rescue him. so a guy walking by freed him. and got quite a thank you, foray wild animal to show this kind of trust, just stand, there allow you to touch him, not run away, look adoringly into the camera? maybe his mama left him? >> when were you a kid, like a teenybopper, he's a fox, you remember that? she's such a fox. >> they still say that, don't he? >> i don't think so. we're dating ourselves. >> we're so old. >> older by the minute, getting up at 1:00 in the morning every day. controversial liquor store closes down after reports of discrimination, now, could soon be coming back, what's expected to happen today that could make that happen. >> then, dawn timmeney live with new details on that
5:57 am
horrific attack on a gay couple in philadelphia. dawn? >> good morning, chris, kerrey. yes, police are taking statements from people who were involved in that crime that shocked the nation. and now, one person has even lost his job over it all. and now, one person has even lost his job over it all. i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world and now it's the easiest, because now there are new tourism guides on the road, and on your phone that make it easier to find the places you love. find great dining, amazing history, and world-class entertainment, no matter where you are. take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york. for more information, go to
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6:00 am
fallen state trooper, this, as the hunt for his killer continues, and schools in that area close now for the second day in a row. what police are learning about the suspected gunman. >> group of men and women attack a gay couple, and now, they're starting to turn themselves in. why they won't be charged with a hate crime. >> and another day, another problem for the nfl. >> this time, cardinals running back jonathan dire under arrest, what he is accused of doing to a 18 month old baby. >> the people of scotland are voting today to declare their independence, or not. it could cause a problem for england's flag, or at least the uk flag. >> great britain flag, real. >> i thank you. why the brits may be forced to change that union flag, and what it could look like if scotland becomes its own country. >> they all separate. >> for the first time in 300 years, we'll look into that. good day everyone, it is thursday, s


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